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What is KORD?
KORD is the first streaming music service to give you access to “Stems.” This means you can mute, isolate, and combine the different parts of a song while you listen. KORD features a curated catalog of songs with ongoing song releases.

What are Stems?
Stems are created by combining one or more tracks of an original master recording. For example, if a recording had 5 tracks of drums, those tracks could be combined to form one drum stem.

Are KORD stems created using Artificial Intelligence?
No they are not. We are sourcing and licensing tracks and stems from the original mater recordings.

How do I interact with music in KORD?
Simply play a song, then tap on the instrument icons at the bottom of the player to mute any of the instruments (stems). To hear an instrument by itself, tap and hold it, this will mute all other instruments.

What else is in KORD?
Detailed credits, liner notes, images, videos, and the stories behind the music. Click on Discover to find links to essays, articles, news and more.

Why would I use KORD when I can hear millions of songs on another service?
KORD is different. It’s for those of us who like to dive deep and really learn about music including how it was made and why. We also love discovering new music.

Make no mistake, we think you should join a traditional streaming music service. We also hope you BUY music, whether on vinyl, CD or cassette and ideally from your local record stores. And go see a live show - we’ll see you there!

Why can’t I find a particular song on KORD?
KORD features a highly curated song catalog and drops new releases all the time. New songs, older songs, and all genres are welcome.

When is my favorite song coming?
We work closely with our label partners and independent artists to keep delivering exciting music. Stay tuned for more releases every week.

How do I play a song?
Simply browse to your desired song, tap the play button, and it will load into the Player.

How do I rewind or fast-forward a song?
Drag the slider at the right of the Player screen, or drag the lyrics to rewind or fast forward.

How do I mute instruments (stems)?
Tap once on each instrument at the bottom of the Player to mute or activate it.

How do I “solo” an instrument?
To hear one instrument and mute all others, tap and hold on it. Tap and hold again to re-activate all instruments.

Why are some instruments mixed together on one stem?
Recording engineers would often combine or “bounce” tracks together to free up tracks for more recording. This was often necessary when using 4-track or 8-track technology. These days we have unlimited digital tracks at our disposal.

Why can’t I use my bluetooth headphones to pause or play a song?
KORD uses our proprietary playback engine rather than your device’s operating system, this means you’ll have to use our interface to control the songs. It’s a small price to pay for being awesome.

Why do the beginnings of some songs get cut off while using bluetooth headphones?
This is a known issue with many apps and has to do with Bluetooth energy saving technology. It should rarely if ever happen, but if it does simply drag the seek slider in KORD to rewind the song and hear it from the beginning.

Why are lyrics sometimes out of sync?
You may experience lyric timing issues if your device is in low-power mode. Disable low-power mode to correct.

Does KORD pay the artists and songwriters to play music?
Absolutely! Each time a song is played on KORD, the legal rightsholders are compensated. This includes the owners of the sound recording, the publishers, and of course the songwriters. Standard industry rates apply.

Why are you asking for my phone number?
Here at KORD, your phone number is your login information. We use it to text you a one-time password that will allow you access to your account within the app. Your number is not used for marketing purposes or shared with third parties.

I'm a paying subscriber and I would like to cancel my subscription. How can I do this?
Your subscription is managed through the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. You can find your subscription there underneath your list of current subscriptions and cancel it to prevent further charges. If you are still on your 7-Day free trial, you will not be charged.

How do I delete my KORD account?
First, we are sorry to see you go. You can request that we delete your account from within the app. To request your account be deleted, navigate to the settings in the top-right (the gear icon). From there, you will find at the bottom of the settings list a selection titled "Delete your account and data." Selecting this option will ask for a confirmation to continue with the deletion process. Please be aware it may take up to 30 days to fully delete your data.

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